Makers Dozen 12 Set



This Boya 'Makers Dozen' set containing 12 Boya crayons in colour combination: 
Snow White | Ivory Beige | Sunny Lemon Yellow | Realgar Orange | Pink Rose | Cinnabar Red | Beetroot Purple | Lime Green | Plum Blue | Amethyst Violet | Umbra | Mars Black.

This set of 12 is perfect for those wanting to explore more colour options from the Boya Crayon range and express themselves with natural, intuitive colours. No rules, just start drawing!

Colours stay on the paper and does not transfer to the artists hands (no fixative required).

Using the unique shape you can use the various edges to craft thin, fine lines. Soft shading and perfect for blending shades together. They also can provide bold, vivid full coverage with fast saturation. 

Reddot design winner!

Non toxic product, Suitable for ages 3+. Not a food, do not eat. 

The set contains 12 crayons - images shown are of the products out of the packaging to detail colours and shades only.