11x11 Square Ameleie book, Green

Watercolour Book

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  • 11x11 Square (296 x 296mm) protective cover, spiral bound on edge.
  • Durable board covers .
  • A choice of thick papers suited to wet media (288 x 280mm).
  • Achival grade stock in a selection of different textures.
  • Practical wire-binding that lasts longer than glue, and lets you fold the book any which way you like.


Matte Ameleie 270gsm Description

Ameleie is a beautiful English watercolor paper, specially made for Pink Pig. This is a high quality paper made using pure materials to archival standards. Designed for wet media, Ameleie is great for painting with watercolor, acrylics, gouache and inks as well as sketching and drawing, with pencil, charcoal, pastels. This matte paper has a smooth finish, this makes it more suited to detailed work.


Our books are spiral bound with durable wire binding. Wiro-bound sketchbooks last longer than glued ones which deteriorate over time, plus they don’t fall apart when you pull a page out like traditional bound books. Combined with our tough covers, the spiral binding lets you stand the book up, lie it completely flat or fold it over to present your work.