A4 Landscape, School Cartridge Pad

Kids Drawing Pad

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  • A4 landscape protective cover (297 x 210mm) perfect for home, or on the go.
  • Recycled board with smart black finish on the front, with a classic grey back.
  • 35 leaves, 70 pages, of quality white cartridge paper inside (288 x 203mm).
  • Practical wire-binding that lasts longer than glue, and lets you fold the book any which way you like.


Being a 25 year old company, like we are, we’re starting to notice a lot of people close to us trying out this thing called ‘settling-down’. Apparently it can lead to even smaller piglets with even shorter attention spans! As you may already know, the pig’s brain is a well oiled problem solving machine, and, when presented with this side-effect of ‘settling-down’, our pigs in the lab rustled up the very pads you see before you. Bright colours to catch the little piglets eyes. Tough covers so they can doodle on the go. And even easy to remove pages so that sketch (commemorating the 4 hour drive to Grandpig’s house) can find a new home on the fridge.


These art books come in A4 Landscape. This is our most popular size as it’s small enough to carry around but big enough for all manner of doodles and scribbles conceivable. The front covers are made from 270gsm recycled black card with a 2000 micron grey board back just like our sketchbooks. These covers protect your work on the go and acts as a nifty surface to lean on when you’re out in the field.


The 150gsm white mixed media cartridge in this book is made to our exact standards. This means the paper is: acid free to protect your work and made with a twin wire process so you can work on both sides of a page. This pig comes loaded with 25 leaves of cartridge paper, that is 50 sides altogether for all your bits and bats.


Our drawing books are spiral bound with sturdy wire binding. Wiro-bound sketchbooks last longer than glued ones which deteriorate over time, plus they don’t fall apart when you pull a page out like traditional bound books. Combined with our tough covers, the spiral binding lets you stand the book up, lay it completely flat or fold it over to present your inspiring illustrations.