A2 Portrait, Eco Ivory

Display Book

  • A2 portrait (420 x 594mm) protective cover, spiral bound on long edge.
  • Recycled hard board wrapped with durable and professional Economy material.
  • Black 270gsm sustainably sourced, mounting card (410 x 576mm).
  • Acid free, archival grade stock; from 100% recycled materials.
  • Practical wire-binding that lasts longer than glue, and lets you fold the book any which way you like.


Sometimes function is more important than form. But seeing as black doesn’t go out of fashion, you can have your cake and eat it too with this book*. Our tried and tested machine made economy material wraps these covers for a hard-wearing, professional finish. The covers are made from a durable recycled board which protects your work on the go and acts as a nifty surface to lean on when you’re out in the field. *we mean that figuratively, please don’t try and eat a cake with this book!


Black 270gsm Card Description

Our display books feature 270gsm thick black card. Such a thick card lends itself to mounting, making these books great for portfolios and presentation books. Made with 100% recycled materials this black card is practically green. Additionally we’ve made sure the card is acid free and archival quality to protect your art from deteriorating over time. Thank us later, museums & galleries of the future.


Our books are spiral bound with durable wire binding. Wiro-bound sketchbooks last longer than glued ones which deteriorate over time, plus they don’t fall apart when you pull a page out like traditional bound books. Combined with our tough covers, the spiral binding lets you stand the book up, lie it completely flat or fold it over to present your work.