20 Sheets, A2 Ameleie 300gsm

Paper & Card


Ever since Pink Pink began, we have made it our aim to supply high quality paper to our customers and in particular to cater to the needs of art students. We have searched for the correct suppliers that fullfill every aspect of our needs aswell as yours. Unlike many others, our 300gsm white card is acid free and manufactured using a Twin-Wire process to create an even, matte surface with a good tooth. This makes it perfect for drawing and sketching on both sides of the paper with a pencil, it is also great for mixed media and a light wash when working with watercolours. For these reasons we continue to provide the best quality paper available at a price that suits your budget.

See below for some FAQ's from our supplier:

What type of sizing, gelatine or plant based?  The sizing is Alkyl Ketene Dimer based, a synthetic organic compound. Potato starch is used on the product’s surface

Sizing application, internal and/or external? Internal and External, utilising both of the above named ingredients. 

What is the % of wood pulp and/or cotton content? 100% Woodpulp 

Is the smooth surface equivalent to hot press? No, it is Cold Press (CP)

Are the front and back surfaces identical, similar, or significantly different, in surface texture and the way in which they react to watercolour techniques? They are the same, and will react the same (Twin Wire).