'Pink Pig International' - Name Change to align with Global Ambition

Posted by James Garlick on

In light of our ambition to achieve Global success we wanted to change our name to something that reflects that desire.

After trying to agree this change for some time now, we are very pleased to announce that our company name 'the-pink-pig.co.uk Ltd' has officially changed to 'Pink Pig International'.

We must stress that this has very little affect on day to day operations and we will Trade under the recognised 'the-pink-pig.co.uk Ltd' business as usual, nor will our web address change in the near future either.  We like to keep all of our customers in the loop so its important to us to let you know of these changes and the exciting plan to release more of our Pigs out into the world, we are currently working hard to get our Sketchbooks on Sale in Germany & start to stockpile Drawing Sketchbooks in the USA too!!