Cappuccino Pig Offer

Product of the Month

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  • Each box contains 6 books.
  • 1x A4 Portrait Book.
  • 5x A5 Portrait Books .
  • Coloured covers as image only (One of each colour).
  • All boxes contain 150gsm white cartridge paper books only.
£14.99 Regular price £23.00

This January for a limited time, we bring you a special offer on a lovely
selection of brown paper books, Cappuccino Pigs, as we call them! 

Throughout the year we will provide specially selected groups of products to showcase our alternative art media.  We feel that this provides you with the option to diversify your artwork and push new boundaries.  Expand your portfolio and learn new techniques with the Pink Pig - Product of the Month!

Our range is broad and full of unique products that you may not have seen...
our Cappuccino paper is made using recycled content from previously
un-recyclable plastic coffee cups, so, you are saving the world too!