10 Sheets, A2 Bockingford

Paper & Card

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  • This pack of watercolour paper comes in 10 sheets of A2, (594mm x 420mm).
  • All packs contain sheets of 300gsm Bockingford, a highly regarded watercolour paper.
  • Bockingford is the perfect paper for wet media like inks, gouache and oils.

Our Bockingford watercolour paper comes as a heavy, high quality watercolour paper described as (not "surface", slightly textured). It is manufactured in the UK by one of the few remaining English mills meaning it carries some serious heritage and holds a superior quality!  Each pack contains 10 sheets of A2 - 300gsm watercolour paper, perfect for use with wet media. 

See below for some FAQ's from our supplier:


What type of sizing, gelatine or plant based?  Vegan (Does not contain animal products) 

Is the sizing application, internal and/or external?  Internally (Main sizing) and Externally on the surface only, to make paint coverage and paint removal better (This is vegetable based potato starch). 

What % is wood pulp and/or cotton content? Wood Free (Best of the wood only (premium wood) it does contain wood but not lignin and is made using and alpha cellulose process.

Is the surface equivalent to "not" or cold press?  ‘Not Surface’ (This is the mid surface of the range) ‘CP’ Cold Press. 

Are the front and back surfaces identical, similar, or significantly different, in surface texture and the way in which they react to watercolour techniques? Different on each side - The ‘mould side’ and the ‘felt side’ when the mould side touches the mesh lines can be seen.  This can be used to identify the mould sideThe felt side is superior for Watercolour and is the best side to work on, although, both sides can be used.