A3 Eco Posh Pig - Portrait, 35 leaves of white 150gsm cartridge PACK of 5


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  • A3 portrait (297 x 420mm) protective cover, bound on long edge.
  • A choice of quality, plain 150gsm cartridge papers (406 x 288mm).
  • Pick how many pages of acid free, archival grade stock you need.
  • Durable recycled board covers, .
  • Practical wire-binding that lasts longer than glue, and lets you fold the book any which way you like.
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Perfect for Back to School bulk buys, these smart, durable, plain black drawing pads are perfect for school students, art departments and GCSE. A Black Economy sketchbook is most popular with parents, students and teachers alike. Save on this pack of 5 and have them delivered to your home for ease. Back to school made easy!